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Health Together Conference


Join us for two days of insightful discussions, networking, and groundbreaking presentations that will shape the future of health innovation. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative event that fosters connections and drives progress in healthcare worldwide.


Welcome to "Innovating Health Together: Building Bridges in Europe and Beyond." This conference is dedicated to exploring how collaborative thinking and innovation can address global challenges to revitalize health systems worldwide. Our focus areas include:


-Transforming Health Systems with Technology: Discuss how technology can improve the efficiency, accessibility, and quality of health care and how to facilitate its implementation.


-Health Data and Precision Medicine: Examine the revolutionary impact of big data and precision medicine on personalized care, disease prevention, and treatment strategies.


-The Future of Health for All: Explore perspectives on creating cutting-edge collaborative biotech solutions and promoting clinical investigation for inclusive, equitable health.


-Value in Health and Sustainability: Learn about long-term sustainable value for patients and citizens, emphasizing best practices, cost-effectiveness, and environmental and social responsibility.


Join us as we bring together global experts, innovators, and stakeholders to share insights, foster collaboration, and pave the way for a healthier, more sustainable future.



Join us from across Europe and beyond, and be part of an exciting event featuring:


500+ attendees

25+ expert speakers

50+ partners, sponsors, and exhibitors

Healthtech Showroom

Experience the latest in health technology with demos of innovative technologies.

An opportunity for startups to showcase their technology and interact with industry, KOLs, healthcare providers.

Brokerage event

Connect with key players in the healthcare ecosystem.

An opportunity for startups, SMEs and technology developers to interact with end users, buyers and investors to advance their healthtech solution and find business or partnership opportunities.

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